Transportation Services

“I have trusted Johnny’s Transportation Services to move our materials for many years and know that it will be done both professionally and efficiently. Johnny’s always comes through for us when we need them!”
Marc Benoit- Owner/CEO- A10 Fabrication

Small/Mid-Size Tilt & Load Flatbeds

Equipped with winch to pull on machinery, freight and vehicles. Designed for smaller and lighter freight than a tandem or a float.

Roll-off Tandem Axle Flatbeds

Designed to load particular types of equipment and machinery flat on the ground, opposed to on an angle like the tilt and load.


Equipped with a winch for pulling on heavier items such as sea containers and machinery. The tandem axle tilt & loads are designed for heavier items that are too big for our mid-size tilt & load trucks.

Sliding Axle Tilt & Load Floats

Sliding axle tilt & load flatbeds are 53 feet in total length, capable of transporting anything from machinery and vehicles to freight such as materials and sea containers.

Equipment Floats

We offer both 3 axle and 4 axle equipment floats capable of transporting heavier and taller machinery and freight.

Low-Boy Floats

Designed for the really tall freight and machinery as the floats’ deck is only 14” from the ground.

Step-deck Floats

Light weight aluminum allows for heavier loads than our standard 3 axle float.

4 & 5 Axle Flatbed Floats

Heavy-duty flatbed floats with lift axles for additional support for those heavier loads.

Specialty Moves

We specialize in over-sized and wide-load moves both local and long-distance.

Tractor Service

We offer tractor service for bigger items such as generators, trailers and office trailers.

Heavy-Duty Pick-Up Trucks

Heavy-duty pick-up trucks equipped with both 5th wheel and ball hitches available for long-distance moves as well.

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